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The shade (colour, tone, texture and value) of all ceramic floor tile pieces varies; it is an inherent characteristic of tiles. The shade variation indicators are:

V1 LOW VARIATION: Least possible shade variation among pieces of tile in a box of this product. When installed this tile shade provides a uniform appearance and give floors and walls an even harmony.

V2 MODERATE VARIATION: Low to moderate shade variation present among pieces of tile in a box of this product. Like most natural materials this tile has a subtle variation that adds a refined modulation to floors and walls.

V3 HIGH VARIATION: Considerable shade variation present among pieces of tile in a box of this product. The tiles still share the same colours, but with texture variations. This tile provides a spontaneous shade variation within the same colour range that highlights lustrous texture variations.

V4 RANDOM VARIATION: Highest possible shade variations among pieces of tile in a box of this product. Colours vary from tile to tile. Luxurious shade and colour shifts create customized floors which allow for rich fashion statements to emerge.

Shade variation is based on production run. Some tiles look the same when they belong to a certain production run but different when they have been produced in different runs. The changes relate to slight temperature or colouring changes.

RECOMMENDATIONS - On delivery check the tiles in all cartons to ensure tiles are the same colour (before laying). Also check each code number on each box to ensure they are the same batch.

THE COLORTILE ADVANTAGE - Because we hold such a large amount of stock and remove a batch from retail when stocks are low you can be assured that we do our very best to minimise shade variation.

Australian Standard HB197:1999 sets out the minimum standards for the selection of slip-resistant pedestrian surfaces in applications such as commercial projects. As a general guide:

R 9 - SUITABLE FOR DRY CONDITIONS such as commercial pedestrian walkways that require high wear resistance and are easily cleaned. Venues examples include entrance halls, corridors, shops and general pedestrian walkways.

R10 - SUITABLE FOR WET CONDITIONS such as internal / under cover commercial pedestrian walkways, which may be wet from time to time. Products with this rating have high wear resistance and a textured surface that aids water displacement and improves slip resistance.
Venue examples include commercial toilets, ensuites, washrooms and commercial kitchens.
R11 - SUITABLE FOR HYDRO CONDITIONS such as internal and external commercial pedestrian areas that are specifically designed for wet bare foot conditions. Tiles with this rating have high wear resistance and a textured surface that aids water displacement and improves slip resistance. Tiles with this rating are also frost resistant. Venue examples include shower recesses, pool surrounds and hydrotherapy rooms.

R12 - SUITABLE FOR RAMP CONDITIONS such as internal and external pedestrian ramps wet and dry. Tiles with this rating have high wear resistance and are frost resistant.

The Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) has developed a rating system that assesses the wear resistance and durability for wall and floor tiles. Not all tiles are able to be used in all areas, which is why this is important. The wear resistance measure equates to the PEI rating. The rating range from 1 to 5, classifying the tiles according to their suitability to be used on different levels of foot traffic. The PEI Ratings and wear descriptions are:

PEI Class 1 Rating (No foot traffic) - Recommended for wall use in residential and commercial applications only.

PEI Class 2 Rating (Light traffic) - Recommended for both wall use and bathroom floor applications only.

PEI Class 3 Rating (Light to moderate traffic) - Recommended for countertops,  walls and floors where normal foot traffic is expected.

PEI Class 4 Rating (Moderate to heavy traffic) - Recommended for all residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.

PEI Class 5 Rating (Heavy to extra heavy traffic) - Recommended for all residential as well as heavy commercial and institutional applications.

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