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The right tools for tiling

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To achieve a quality tiling job you will need the following:

General trowel: Used for applying mortar, plaster or adhesive
Grout squeegee: Used to apply and smooth out grout
Tile cutter-breaker: A compact tile cutter for scouring and breaking tiles
Wall trowel: A toothed trowel with 6mm notches that spreads the adhesive evenly on the walls
Floor trowel: A toothed trowel with 10mm notches for spreading adhesive on floors
Spacers: Ensure you get the right size for your tiles (see side of tile box for the correct size)
Tile cutter: For straight cuts; various types and sizes are available
Tile les: To smooth off the sharp edges on cut tiles
Spirit levels: One smaller and one larger spirit level for areas of different sizes
Tile nippers: For nibbling away bits of tile to create various shapes
Rubber mallet: To tap the tiles firmly into the adhesive
Knee pads: Tiling a floor can take its toll on your knees
Chalk line: Used for marking out straight and accurate tile reference lines
Edge trim: Edge trims are essential for finishing of the edge of tiles. They are available in various colours and finishes, to give a refined look.
Scorer, sponge, pencil, tape measure: Essential tools for the job

ColorTile stock all the right tools for your tiling project, or you can hire the tools to save money.

Talk to your ColorTile consultant or visit a ColorTile store near you for help.