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Celebrating 56 years


From humble beginnings in the 1960`s Tony Galwey quickly progressed from working for one of the largest tile manufacturers in Australia to opening his own tile business. By the late 1960`s Tony was importing tiles from Japan. By the 1970`s he was wholesaling tiles to over 180 shops across NSW.

Tony`s passion for helping customers `see the difference` resulted in constant improvements across retail stores such as the introduction of slider displays to help customers see what each range looked like when the tiles were laid, to building complete lifestyle displays, such as bathrooms in-store, to help customers see what each range could look like in a real home setting.  The success of Tony`s innovative ideas led to increased demand for his help including support to design and build showrooms that enabled customers to really `see the difference`.

In the mid-1990`s the ColorTile group was born. ColorTile`s mission was to help customers `see the difference` with the best range, best showrooms, best service, best advice and best price. ColorTile store`s were founded on a strong partnership between local tile and bathroom retail experts and the group who provide back of house administration and business development support.

ColorTile has continued to grow from strength to strength over the last 20 years. Helping thousands of customers to build and renovate to achieve their dreams. A testament to the man who started it all 56 years ago.